Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Laguna Group Started

History of Laguna Group

Café Laguna, the flagship restaurant of the Laguna Group, began as a 10-table carenderia called Mother’s Best in an apartment that
Mrs. Urbina was renting.

During the 80’s, Mrs. Urbina ventured into catering which immediately became a hit, eventually serving some of Cebu’s top companies. From the beginning, Mrs. Urbina’s children showed their support by helping out even while studying.

Julita Urbina renovated their apartment space, expanded the venue, and re-opened it as Café Laguna, serving delicious authentic Filipino dishes, which evoke the goodness of home-cooked meals in your mother’s kitchen. Purely through word of mouth, the restaurant became an overnight success. Everyone went for a taste, and always came back for more, especially for her trademark Puto Bumbong (steamed purple sticky rice), which many say was unlike any other.

Café Laguna opened in Ayala Center Cebu as the first food-category locator.

Laguna Garden Cafe opened at what is now The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu.

The Laguna Group’s Vietnamese-Thai restaurant, Lemon Grass, was opened at The Terraces. That same year, Mrs. Urbina’s son, Raki, took on the role as Laguna’s corporate chef upon finishing his advanced culinary studies at the Culinary Institute of America. Through Chef Raki and Mrs. Urbina’s collaboration, hard work, and passion for cooking, Laguna Catering become an instant favorite in Cebu.

The Laguna Group’s newest restaurant Ulli’s Streets of Asia, a melting pot of Asian flavors, opens its doors at the top floor of the Ayala Center Cebu’s new wing. Ulli’s was named after Mrs. Julita Urbina.

February 2015
The Laguna Group launches a new tribute to Cebu called Parilya located at Citta de Mare, Il Corso, Cebu South Road Properties.

December 2015
Laguna Group opens Café Laguna SM Seaside Cebu

Source: Laguna Group

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